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Retesting or Taking a Proctored Math Placement test

How do I take a proctored test? You can test in person on the UA campus at the UA Testing Office, or off campus until Labor Day (Sept. 4, 2017) using an online proctoring service called Examity. There is a fee for retesting.

Who needs to take a proctored test? Current students must take a proctored math placement test. Incoming students first take the math placement test through their Next Steps Center prior to the first day of class. Any additional tests must be proctored (a second test, or a test as a current student).

UA ALEKS test scores are processed daily at 5am and 7pm. Students can verify their test percentage in the UA system within 24 hours, and adjust their schedule through UAccess, if necessary. Test scores are good for one year.


About the Math Placement Test:

It is the student’s responsibility to read the UA ALEKS frequently asked questions for important information such as why answering “I don’t know” may be a bad idea.

There is no practice test, but there is review. If this is your first attempt at the test, you can read about the test through the Testing Process page. You will need to determine which test to take.  You select the test you want to take during your testing appointment.

Test on the UA campus through the Testing Office:

Students can schedule a testing appointment through the UA Testing Office. Testing is available all summer, around the orientation schedule, and through the first few days of classes. Contact the UA Testing Office to set up your appointment. A $41 fee is charged to the student's bursar account for testing and proctoring.

NOTE: The Testing Office is generally open M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless otherwise stated. It is the student's responsibility to schedule enough time to test. The Testing Office charges a proctoring fee if the student has to return at another time to complete the test.

Testing Using the Remote Proctoring Service, Examity (Available through Labor Day, September 4, 2017 for Main Campus Student):

Students with access to a webcam, microphone,  and high speed internet can have the test proctored through Examity.    Students who take the exam through Examity will have a $26 Math Placement Testing fee charged to the student’s UA bursar’s account, unless the student is part of the UA Online Campus (fee paid by Online Campus).  Students interested in this option will need to do the following: Register for the D2L course, create a profile in Examity, register for a testing appointment, return to the Examity link in the D2l course at the time of the testing appointment.  Brief instructions are given below and are also available in the D2L course.

1. Log into D2L with your UA NetID and password.

2. Click the Self Registration link located in the red banner near the top of the screen.

3. Find the course “Proctored Math Placement Testing with Examity” and click the link for it.  Students who are taking a fully online schedule through the UA Online campus use the course "UA Online MPT". 

4. Click the Register button to register for the course,  and then click the Submit button.

5. Click the Finish button on the confirmation screen.

6. You may click the link to the course to go directly there or you may click the Done button to return to your My Home screen.

7. Once you have completed the self registration process, the D2L course site will be listed on your D2L My Home screen under My Courses immediately. Click the link there to access the site.

8. Go to your Proctored Math Placement Testing with Examity course (or UAOnline MPT D2L site if you are in the UA Online campus) to create your Examity profile. Instructions are available in the D2l course.  You will need your CatCard or a government issue photo ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) and will need to enter the time zone you will be in when taking the exam. It may take up to 10 minutes to create your profile.  Register for a testing appointment more than 24 hours in advance to avoid additional fees. 

Testing reminders:

  • You should try to complete the test within a 3 hour time period. You must complete the entire test in order to receive a score (percentage).
  • You select the test you want to take (Prep for Calculus or Prep for College Algebra) when you begin testing, during your testing appointment.
  • Please note that once you complete the test, your score is final, regardless of any technical difficulties.
  • If you have a documented testing accommodation other than extended time, please send an email to with a copy of your testing accommodation, as well as the date and time of your exam. This must be done at least 48 business hours prior to your testing appointment. 
  • If your computer freezes during the test, just have the Examity proctor help you log back into the test to resume testing. It is not necessary to reschedule your test.
  • If your internet is disconnected, go back to the D2L course, access the Examity link, and you should be able to resume testing. 
  • Any technical difficulties while testing need to be directed to ALEKS customer support:
    ALEKS Corporation Customer Support
    M-F 4 a.m.- 7 p.m. Pacific Time (7 a.m. -10 p.m. Eastern Time)
    (714) 619-7090
  • Students are to take this test without the assistance of any persons, textbooks, online materials, phones, websites, or any other assistance, as if it is a proctored in-person test. The only calculator allowed is the built-in calculator provided with the ALEKS program, and other calculators are not allowed. Any violation of this will be considered cheating and a violation of the UA Code of Conduct. Students agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. The Math Department has a no tolerance cheating policy. Please note that any suspicious behavior during testing will be recorded and reported to the UA Dean of Students as a violation of the UA Code of Conduct. If you are reported to the Dean of Students for suspicious behavior, your test score will no longer be valid, regardless of any outcome. 
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